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Atif Aslam makes powerful comeback with ’12 Bajay’

Famous singer Atif Aslam announced the release of his latest song yesterday. The news of the release was done in a creative way, The Dil Diyan Gallan singer shared an interesting video clip on his official Facebook page in which he was seen busy with the phone while waiting to be called on stage. All of a sudden his name calls off and the crow chants “ATIF ATIF!”

This was followed by the details of the songs and the time it will be out “12th December, 12pm.” To everyone’s surprise the track was out exactly at that time.


The track is titled 12 Bajay, and the video of the song begins where the teaser one day ago was left off. Atiof Aslam strt will his mellow voice along with soft and magical strumming of the guitar.

The song is directed by the Musician and film maker Zeeshan Parwez, The video is intriguing. it comprises of the short clips of Atif recording studio, his concert snippets and some animations.

The song overall has creative variation when it is about vocal and pitch. The rocking melody is something we have never seen before when it comes to Atif Aslam, thus it has a surprising factor for its fans and audience.

The Aadat singer captioned the song as follows, “Here is a song made purely out of my love for music. The same love that breathed life into my journey. The same love that resonates with all of you beautiful people. I took only that love when I entered sunset sound studio earlier this year and left everything else at the door.. I forgot about all the numbers and the views and all the pressure that comes with it…and just let it all out in the studio. If you can even feel 5% of what I felt while making this, it’s a success.”

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