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Bilal Khan has just proved his bravery and you will absolutely love him for that!

Pakistani singer, Bilal Khan is  rules over million hearts for his upbeat songs and flamboyant personality. Recently, the ‘Larho Mujhay’ singer has taken to his Instagram, unveiling his gray hair with the caption, “new hair, new me. why? what? how? where? when? all answers in the new vlog I uploaded on YouTube” having a hashtag that says, “#DamFundDare ”

In his vlog, the singer explains that he was dared to bleach and dye his hair to blonde grey and in return he will be given $2000 for the Dam fund. The video starts off in the car, with Bilal’s friend driving and he is explaining the measures government and Chief Justice making efforts to make dam.

The voice behind the super hit song, ‘Bachana’ shares another post on his Instagram account after receiving a plethora of comments like, “you are so brave” and “I could never do that even though I always wanted to.” He says, “I think it’s the ‘log kia kahein ge?’ fear and it is a genuine one especially in a culture where we are so dependent on each other for support & feedback. How do you overcome it though? By accepting that not everyone is going to like what you do, no matter what. This isn’t just about hair dyes or color changes: I feel you shouldn’t make career/university/diet/clothing or any other personal choices out of fear. I know if I did I wouldn’t be a musician today. I propose that for 2019, you shatter ‘log kia kahein ge’ fear and make the new year more about ‘log kehtay rahein gey’. Maybe that’ll do it. Maybe.”

Through this act bravery and patriotism, the singer has manged to inform his fans that how important is dam and water to the progress and existence of the country.

At another point he has also undermined the “Log kia kahein ge” (What will the people say) approach and this must absolutely be appreciated.


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