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‘Economic crisis of the country has been over’, Asad Umer

Islamabad: Rejecting the stance of crushing economic situation, Finance Minister Asad Umer remarked on Tuesday that economic crisis of the country has been ‘over’.

While delivering speech at the 11th South Asia Economic Summit in Islamabad, the federal Finance Minister stated, “There is no economic crisis in the year 2018 and the upcoming 2019.” Financial gap has been addressed he clarified.

He clearly stated that with the assistance of friendly countries, immediate economic crisis has been addressed. Finance Minister brought up a fact that the country’s export is depicting a positive trend of increasing and imports declining gradually.

“The financing gap for the current fiscal year has been met,” Asad Umer made sure to the audience.

He requested people to bring business and generate employment. He urged that we need to attract foreign investors therefore, we must not spread rumors about crushing economy as it will put our stake on risk and discourage people from establishing business here.

“Let people do business in the country with peace,” Asad Umer requested.

While talking about the sudden devaluation of rupees against dollar he said that decision was taken by State Bank of Pakistan and will stay in effect.

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