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Modi’s maharani fights state election in Rajhistan

An Indian princess allied to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and battled a tough competition for re- election on Friday as she fought in desert state of Rajasthan India.

It would be a great blow for Narendra Modi’s image if maharani fails, as he has cushioned Vasundhara Raje, Rajasthan’s chief minister in a western state of 47 million people during the re-election.

The charismatic Raje is a maharani which is nothing unusual in Rajasthan. It is a state famous for its forts and grand palaces with peacock-filled lawns and huge population.

It is one of the India’s most cultured area and many royal families traced back to here. Even British rule had flourished here and now the democratic process is evolving here since Independence 1947.

Raje is 65 and is the daughter of a former known maharaja and married a former ruler of another dynasty. She mainly combats another with Manvendra Singh, another blue blood from western Rajhistan

Another challenge is Siddhi Kumar, she is also a princess who lives in her ancestral palace which is 340 kilometers away from state Capital Jaipur.

“I do my work and go. No one needs to know (me) apart from my work,” said Kumari, 45, sat on a sofa next to a stuffed leopard.

“I don’t take the people’s trust in me or the family I come from lightly. But the trust that is there has to be earned every day. I take it very seriously and work every day,” she told AFP.

While talking about one of the leading royal family of the State Rajhistan, author Ayodhya Prasad Gaur said the popularity of these families is because of their “permanence” unlike seasonal politicians.

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