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Pillion riding banned for 10 days

Karachi: Sindh government banned pillion riding for 10 days in view of present law & order situation.

The reason of putting ban is not clearly specified by the government.But officials and people have things to says.

Reports tell the decision is taken in the lights of the protects that have already been started right after the Chief Justice Of Pakistan gave verdict ordering acquittal of Asia Bibi, who was facing execution over blasphemy charges.

The provincial government has also banned processions and protests rallies as well as display of arms. This is done under section-144 of the government where gathering of more than four people is not allowed publicly.

The ban is to be imposed for ten days during which anyone found guilty will be arrested.

Earlier, Sindh Govt banned pillion riding keeping in mind the security conditions during the Chehlum of Karbala martyrs.

“Ban shall not be applicable on women, children below the age of 12, senior citizens, journalists, law enforcement agencies personnel in uniforms and the employees of essential services”, reads the notification.

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