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TV channels directed not to air dramas with controversial themes

Islamabad: The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has given orders that all  television channels to stop airing dramas that revolve around controversial themes and show indecent dressing and gesture.   

Pakistan Radio Television reported on Tuesday that PEMRA must ban the content on private channels that is distressing its viewers and is against readily accepted standards of decency.

It also urged that a recent wave of showing bold drama themes affect the mind of viewers and massive public complaints have made us take the decision to stop the airing of this type of content.

The viewers have severely lashed the content and the gesture and dressing being shown in dramas these days.

The PEMRA as a result of complaints advised all TV channels to stop showing such content in dramas and produce content in accordance with the socio-culture norms as per the requirements of the people of the society.

PEMRA is an institution that has the authority to regulate the content and establishing high standards in the operations and broadcast of the media with the intention to gain  international, national, provincial, district, and local or special target audiences.

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