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US willing to work with PTI govt: Congressman Brad Sherman

Washington: United States will continue collaborating with Pakistan as it did with the previous Pakistan governments, says Congressman Brad Sherman, the expected chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

While talking to journalist congressmen Brad Sherman expressed, “Pakistan after the elections”, Mr Sherman negated the impression that United States was supporting the forces that opposed Pakistan’s territorial integrity.

“We work with an awful lot of governments around the world. As a country, we have to deal with governments as they exist,” expressed when questioned that would Trump want to work with present Pakistani government.

“And, of course, we had dealt with military governments in Pakistan that had no claim to democratic legitimacy,” he further added. “The power structure that currently exists in Islamabad is not the most military power structure that we have done business with Pakistan.”

During a press conference set up by group called South Asians Against Terrorism and for Human Rights. Participants expressed their concern over the drift in Pakistan towards authoritarianism.

“Nothing that I see involving the Pakistani government would cause the US to support a change in its territorial integrity,” he said while responding to the question that US is exerting secessionist force.

In this important conference, Sherman expressed the fairness in the latest elections in Pakistan. They also demanded that Shakil Afridi be released who helped US forces to reach compound in Abbotabad where Osama was hiding.

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