Friday , May 29 2020

10 things Nawaz Sharif said during his rally to Lahore

Nawaz Sharif Rally

Disqualified prime minister Nawaz Sharif wrapped up his four-day homecoming Islamabad-to-Lahore rally Saturday evening. He made several key statements in speeches throughout the four days.

Here are 10 key statements made by the ousted premier.


  • You made me the Prime Minister with the power of your vote but five people sent me packing.
  • Do you think that the monopoly of a few people should undo the power of 200 million people?
  • From 1947 till now, all prime ministers were meted out humiliating treatment. On the other hand, three dictators wasted 30 precious years.
  • This country is of 20 crore people, and not the property of a few people. I believe that you will join hands with me and we will go side by side in this struggle.
  • Do you accept the humiliation of you prime minister? It has defamed Pakistan in the world. So, shouldn’t a revolution come in Pakistan? Will you support me for the change from the core of your heart? I promise that I will always be loyal with you. Nawaz Sharif will never cheat you.
  • You sent Nawaz Sharif to Islamabad as a prime minister, but he was ousted by someone else. Do you agree with this decision? There is no proof of my corruption or misappropriation of state funds.
  • I was thrown out because my opponents knew they will have no chance if I succeed in my mission to steer Pakistan out of crisis.
  • I had been facing conspiracies for the last three-and-a-half years. Despite that, we put the country on the path of progress. Even those who ousted me from power knew that I wasn’t involved in any corruption.
  • Even the judges believe that I’m not involved in corruption… My appeal is only in people’s court.
  • The boy is the first martyr of our struggle.

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