Saturday , May 30 2020

Waqar Zaka released from jail after he was arrested to posses sheesha.

Famous Reality show host Waqar Zaka was arrested by police on Monday after they found (sheesha) in his car.He is also reported to have taken alcohol with him. 

After Waqar Zaka was released from the jail he shared the picture of FIR and also posted a video on twitter. He denied the rumors pertaining to his arrest.
“If some is carrying flavoured sheesha or have sheesha at their homes, whether you’re using it or not, you will be taken into custody by the police,” he said in the video.
He talked about media exaggerating his arrest news and also he was accused of having alcohol. He clarified that he was not carrying any alcoholic thing.

He also urged media to stop spreading baseless allegations relating to him and his arrest.  The FIR was registered according to section 269 and 278 of the PPC, according to which he is involved in spreading infectious disease and making atmosphere notorious.

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