Wednesday , May 27 2020

150 members of Saudi Arabia’s royal family infected with coronavirus

Saudi Arabia's royal family infected with coronavirus

So far 2932 cases of the coronavirus have been reported in over 300 million people living in Saudi Arabia. 41 of them died due to the virus.

Dozens of Saudi royal family members are infected with the Coronavirus. According to a report, at least 150 members of Saudi Arabia’s royal family have been infected with the virus in the past week.

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According to a report in The New York Times, Saudi Arabia’s Prince Faisal bin Abdul Aziz shifted in the ICU.

Prince Faisal, 50, is the governor of Riyadh. Members of the royal cabinet have reported about their health situation.

Shah Salman and king Mohammed bin Salman are in self-isolation.

In a famous Saudi hospital, which treats the royal family, an additional 500 beds have been arranged so that they can be treated properly as the number of patients increases.

Saudi Arabia’s King Faisal Specialist Hospital has placed its doctors and nurses on high alert.

According to the hospital staff, instructions have been issued to bring VIPs to hospitals across the country for treatment. Essential instructions were issued to all doctors and nurses on Tuesday.

The message sent to the doctors states, ‘we do not know how many patients we may have to see, but we all have to be on high alert.’

According to the report, the hospital has issued directives for all serious illness patients to be discharged immediately and to be prepared for the most urgent cases.

The report also says that if the staff is affected, they will be shifted to another lower-level hospital so that rooms for the royal family are not reduced.

There are thousands of Saudi princes. Many of them travel to Europe and other countries. It is said that many of them tested positive who recently has returned to Saudi Arabia.

It should be that 2932 cases of coronavirus have been reported so far in Saudi Arabia. 41 of them died of the virus.

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