Tuesday , April 7 2020

300 child abuse cases reported in Islamabad in last five years

Islamabad: Senate’s special body was told that around 300 cases of child abuse were registered in Islamabad, during last five years.

It was reported on Monday that DIG operations Islamabad told the Senate body that child abuse cases have shown an upward trend in Islamabad and the unavailability of lock -ups is making the situations worse.

“At least 300 cases of child abuse were registered, while 260 cases remained unregistered in last five years,” the DIG operations told the Senate body.

He further told that in 2016, two girls who were missing in 2916 couldn’t be traced and more than 100 children were recovered who were found begging in Federal capital.

The DIG operation revealed about the lack of coordination and mismanagement between the institutions to help locate missing children.

Secretary Ministry of Human Rights at this occasion asked the need of building the Missing Children Bureau and they must work collaboratively with the organizations to recover missing kids.


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