Monday , June 1 2020

5 children died in Hyderabad due to pneumonia and meningitis.

Eight children under the age of 5 died because of Pneumonia attack at Civil hospital Hyderabad. Doctors report that change in weather has caused it.

Doctors in The hospitals of Hyderabad said that This is the time of the year when your kids are vulnerable to Pneumonia and other deadly diseases.

Doctors said that weather is changing and kids are more easily prone to cold weather which adults generally ignore.
Doctors have said that parents should take care of their children’s health, especially during the winter.

The eight deaths at Civil hospital were reported in 24 hours. The children were aged between one day and five years , the reason was pneumonia and weather change.

Dr Muhammad Iqbal, the head of the paediatrics ward at the hospital, said that viral infections are common now because of the change in weather. Kids should be properly covered up when going out.

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