Saturday , January 25 2020

5 Pakistanis booked in the United States for smuggling nuclear tech

United States

An American court on Wednesday charged five Pakistanis with exporting banned goods for Pakistan’s nuclear program. According to the US Department of Justice, these businesses are connected to an international network.

The accused are alleged to have purchased American-made goods and sent them to Pakistan’s “Advanced Engineering Research Organization (AERO) and the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC).”

The total number of illegal imports was 38 that were smuggled illegally from September 2014 to October 2019.

However, details of these items have not been revealed.

All the accused were affiliated with a fake Rawalpindi company ‘The Business World’.

New Hampshire federal court on Wednesday charged them with violating the International Emergency Economic Powers Act and the Export Control Reform Act.

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According to the US Department of Justice, Muhammad Kamran Wali, 41, from Pakistan, Mohamed Ahsan Wali, 48, and Haji Wali Mohammad Sheikh, 82, hail from Canada’s Mississauga and Ontario.

The US Department of Justice says Ashraf Khan Mohammed hails from Hong Kong while Ahmed Waheed, 52, is from the UK.

The warrants for the accused have been issued but their arrests have not yet been processed.

Pakistani companies are listed on the Advanced Engineering Research Organization and the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission’s US Department of Commerce list, which requires trade licenses because their activities have been deemed to violate US national security or foreign policy interests.

The US Department of Justice said that PAEC was included in the list of suspected agencies in 1998 when Pakistan carried out a nuclear bomb.

AERO was added to the list in 2014 when the United States learned that the company was trying to acquire goods for Pakistan’s cruise missile technology and UAV program with the help of mock companies.

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