Wednesday , January 29 2020

6 Billion Given to Sindh Govt for Nai Gaj Dam Are Disappeared: Supreme Court

Supreme Court

Supreme Court gave remarks on the Sindh government’s failure to implement a judicial verdict in an underground water tax evasion case.

The provincial government does not care about water, they probably think that there is no water problem in the Sindh while they have the sea, Court gave remarks.

A special bench, headed by Justice Bandial heard the verdict. On this occasion, the implementation reports were submitted by the Punjab, KP, and Balochistan government.

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Justice Bandial said that we want to support the civilian governments but they have to follow the judicial decisions. If civilian governments do not work with us, more problems will arise. Who should we appoint from the Sindh government, so that our message will be conveyed to the upper level? Justice raised a question.

Justice Ijaz-ul-Ahsan said, “The federal government has released Rs 6 billion for the Nai Gaj Dam to the provincial government and the funds disappeared.” The Sindh government never submit their implementation report, on each hearing they just apologies, we should summon the Chief Secretary of Sindh to make any progress regarding this case, Justice Ijaz-ul-Ahsan added.

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