Wednesday , May 27 2020

68th Death Anniversary of Liaqat Ali Khan

Today, the 68th death anniversary of Liaqat Ali Khan has been celebrated with great devotion.

Without any doubt, a person who lived and died for Pakistan is called Liaqat Ali Khan. In 1896, Liaqat Ali Khan was born in Karnal. After completing his graduation from Ali Garh University, he got a Law degree from Oxford University.

He was well aware of the aggravated situation of the Muslims of Sub-Continent.  Therefore, he started to take part in the politics of India in 1923. Later on, he was selected as General Secretary of Muslim League in 1936.

He became the right-hand of Quaid e Azam and made tireless efforts to bestow independence. You will find Liaqat Ali Khan as the leading head of Tehreek e Pakistan.


After passing away our great leader, Liaqat Ali Khan has emerged as a new leader of the Pakistani Nation. He became the first prime minister of Pakistan. On 16 OCT 1951, while addressing the nation in Liaqat Baagh, this great leader was assassinated

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