Saturday , March 28 2020

75% of the money received from Hajj package is given to Saudi Arabia: Secretary Religious Affairs

Hajj package

Federal Secretary Religious Affairs brief the Senate sub-committee on Hajj expenditure, saying that 75% of the money received from pilgrims is given to Saudi Arabia.

The Senate Subcommittee on Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony were chaired by Senator Hafiz Abdul Karim, where the costs of Hajj 2019 and Hajj 2020 were compared and demanded that the Hajj package should be further reduced.

Secretary Religious Affairs said that the Hajj package includes accommodation, pilgrimage costs, food, transport and flight tickets, and 75% of the Hajj earnings are paid to Saudi Arabia.

He said that in the Cabinet meeting, the rate of Rial was fixed at Rs 41.50 and the government would pay the extra money in case of an increase in the price of Rial.

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He said that the increase in the price of the rial has also increased this year’s Hajj expenditure. In addition, the Saudi government has imposed new taxes for Hajj this year.

On the increase in Hajj expenditure, he said that the expenditure of Hajj 2020 has increased by 549 rials compared to the previous year. The Ministry of Religious Affairs charges Rs. 3,500 in terms of service charges.

It is to be noted that the Ministry of Religious Affairs had issued a Hajj policy on February 20 stating that this year Hajj package will be up to Rs. 4,86000.

According to the policy, Rs 22,825 will be optional for the sacrifice, with the sacrifice the cost of Hajj for the Southern Region will be Rs. 4, 78,520 and Rs. 4,86000 for Northern Region.

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