Wednesday , May 27 2020

A destroyed Crop in Pakistan: Cotton

crop destroyed in pakistan

Pakistan’s economy is an agriculture-based economy. Being an agriculture economy, Pakistan should boost up in this sector, however, indicators show the vulnerable state of affairs.

After sugarcane and watermelon crops, the Cotton crop has also been destroyed in the major areas of Sindh. While addressing the senate, Senator Muzaffar Hussain Shah said, “1/3 of the cotton crop has been destroyed owing to heatwaves.”

Senators advised the farmers to use insect-resistant, high-yielding, and weather-tolerant seeds of cotton.

Aside from opting precautions for seeds, Pakistan should go for modern ways of farming, by that, agriculture can be skyrocketed. It would be shocking for us that Pakistan is one of the few countries that are using the most outdated techniques in agriculture.

The government should announce subsidies in agriculture sectors. By doing so, Pakistan can make progress for which our prime minister has dreamt for.

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