Friday , January 24 2020

A joint venture by Apple, Google, and Amazon to make homes smart


Boston: Apple, Amazon, and Google have expressed interest in a joint venture for Internet-connected homes and smart homes.

All three companies will work on open source standards for Internet-connected homes and research on much important hardware including the smart speaker. Although no agreement has been reached so far, analysts initially say the three companies will work closely with ‘ZigBee Alliance’. In addition, Samsung, Akiya and other companies will also be added in the future.

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According to the technology review, if the work goes ahead, it will speed up the automation of homes. At this time, all the inventions and hardware being developed under IoT, the Internet of Things, that work under the same company system.

Technology observers say that if the work is done on IoT and smart home, the market is very wide, it will have to adopt strict security standards.

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