Sunday , May 31 2020

A piece of advice to The Taliban: An Unannounced Ceasefire

afghan taliban

Pakistan is playing an important role to bridge the gap between the Afghan The Taliban and the US. However, these efforts don’t bring some fruitful results so far. In August the deal was about to sign between both parties, however, Trump had to face severe criticism by his administration. The deal was declared as the deal for surrender by Trump’s administration.

Later on, Trump changed several points in the deal which were not acceptable for The Taliban. President Donald Trump demanded a ceasefire from The Taliban. Nevertheless, The Taliban denied this demand for Trump.

Pakistan suggested to The Taliban that The Taliban be agreed on “unannounced ceasefire”. By doing so, The Taliban can crack the deal easily. The US also appreciated the suggestion by Pakistan, however, The Taliban response, so far, was cold.

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