Monday , June 1 2020

Aasia Bibi set free from jail

Multan: Asia Bibi, a Christian woman who was convicted of blasphemy and was acquitted by the Supreme Court has been released from Multan jail.

Sources tell, Aasia Bibi received orders for her release after which she was freed. She was kept in Multan Women’s jail.

Last month Aasia Bibi appealed to Supreme Court to look into her case and give a final verdict.  The blasphemy case was registered against her in 2010. She was convicted to have said bad words.

Court reopened the case on her appeal, no evidence were found and she was charged non-guilty. She challenge against capital punishment and verdict came out in her favour.

Aasia bibi has five children, she is in jail since 2010. Pope Benedict XVI also joined in international calls in effort to release her.

Her daughter met pop Francis in 2015, who was head of catholic church and offered prayers for her mother. She seeked his help too.

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