Tuesday , March 31 2020

Afghanistan-Pakistan trade train service restores after 9 years

GITA train

Goods in Transit to Afghanistan (GITA) train operated under a trade agreement signed in 1965 to promote better trade relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan has been restored after nine years and after which the first cargo train arrived at Azakhel Dry Port on Tuesday.

After arriving at Azakhel Dry Port and after completing all the rules, the customs authorities will allow their goods to be loaded onto trucks.

This project of transporting goods from Karachi port to Chaman and Azakhel Afghanistan is being termed as a major railway success this year.

This will not only improve the economic output of the Railway department but also reduce the traffic on the roads and secure transportation of goods, according to the railway authorities.

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Talking to NewsBox, Tahir Marwat, division transport officer of the Railway Peshawar office, told that currently, the train will go from Karachi to Chaman and Azakhel, but in the future, there is also a plan to extend the track from Azakhel to Jalalabad and Chaman to Spin Buldak.

He added that it was a great pleasure that the Goods in Transit to Afghanistan (GITA) train has been restored.

According to him: ‘Previously all the benefit was to the truck owners and companies but now the money will go to the account of Pakistan Railways.’

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