Wednesday , January 29 2020

After digital mobiles, Samsung is going to make ‘digital human’

digital human

The world’s largest technology festival “CES2020” is about to start in Las Vegas.

The festival, which runs from January 7 to 10, will feature more than 4,000 technology companies and startups in front of two million attendees.

Large companies usually introduce their best products such as flagship smartphones, TVs, computers, laptops, etc at the festival.

The festival also features unique devices and technologies, such as this time the ‘digital human being’. 

This is part of Digital Man Samsung’s new project ‘Neon’.

Currently, Samsung has not officially released more information about Neon, but the South Korean company’s subsidiary of the project, the ‘Star’, was released a teaser on its official social media accounts for a few weeks.

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However, some more information about the project has been shared before the fair began.

Neon project chief has shared some tweets that show up in Neon Action. Apparently, this artificial human or avatar is like a living human being, possessing self-generated emotions.

You are expected to see this artificial man in hotels as a digital receptionist and customer service, or on TV as a news anchor and actor in movies.

Neon project chief recently described digital humans as the most important technology of the new 2020s in an interview. Samsung is expected to release more details about the neon at the festival.

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