Tuesday , June 2 2020

After the Turkish invasion of Syria, the US made a significant statement

mike pompeo

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo rejects reports of the US giving a green signal to Turkey for the Syrian attack. According to the British Broadcasting Agency, Mike Pompeo said that the United States did not give Turkey any green signal for an attack in Syria.

He also defended US President Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from Syria, which is being criticized worldwide. The US Secretary of State said that Turkey had a terrorist threat from its south and appropriate security concerns. The news of US permission for Turkey to invade Syria was wrong; the US did not give Turkey any such green signal.

Back on Wednesday, Turkey attacked the Kurdish-controlled area of ​​Syria. Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said his goal was to stop the terrorist crossing at the border. Turkey says that we want to create a secure region in the south Syrian Border. Turkish President tweeted:

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According to media reports, Turkey’s operation is being criticized and it is said that the operation may come as genocide of the local Kurdish population in northern Syria. While Kurdish rebels have declared strong resistance against the attack, there has been a clash between Kurdish rebels and Turkish forces. Kurdish Militias has confirmed the attacks of the Turkish Army.

Considering that Kurdish militias are active in establishing an independent country, Iraqi Kurds have been given an autonomous region known as Kurdistan, but they also want to make Syria and Turkey some parts of Kurdistan, while Turkey declared Kurdish militias to be terrorists.

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