Wednesday , January 29 2020

Ainy Jaffri greets New Year with a surprise

Ainy Jaffri

Pakistan’s renowned actor Ainy Jaffri gave her fans a Happy New Year as well as a Surprise.

The actress had a son born in August last year, but she has not shared the news with anyone yet.

However, now on New Year’s Eve, Ainy Jaffri told fans that her son was born in August last year and that year completely changed her life.

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The actress shared a photo of her son’s feet in her post and wrote: “Faris and I started 2019 with the adoration of Umrah, then on August 23, Ayden Ibrahim Rahman came to our lives and he stole our hearts forever.”

“Well, we were terrified of her premature birth, but maybe he wanted to start her life soon, I love my new family”, Ainy wrote.

It should be noted that the actress married Faris Rahman in 2014.

Actors Usman Khalid Butt and Sadaf Kanwal also congratulated her on his son’s birth.

It should be remembered that the 3 worked together in the movie Balu Mahi.

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