Friday , April 10 2020

Aleema Khan reveals sources for purchasing offshore properties

Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan’s sister Aleema Khan on Friday informed about financial sources for purchasing her offshore properties.

Aleema Khan told her sources of income had nothing to do anything with the charity funds.

“I bought offshore assets by selling my inherited properties,” Aleema Khan told in a written statement issued through her counsel Salman Akram Raja, while rejected all the baseless allegations and rumours against her.

Statement read that she has also given the taxes of some of her properties she owned.

The Prime Minister’s sister said that in offshore assets her spouse also has a share. She informed that the money was sent through banks from Pakistan.

“Aleema Khan is 50 percent partner in a textile company and the company was built in accordance with legal terms and conditions,” statement reads adding that that credit was taken from banks of foreign countries.

Total worth of her offshore assets is Rs72.5 million.

Aleema Khan apprised the Supreme Court during on January 14 that the properties she had in dubai is not made illegally and the case against her is merely an accusation.

She also said that some journalists were truing to give impression that she gathered the wealth through illegal means and built an off-shore property.

Aleema Khan mentioned that properties in the case were acquired by legal means. “I have been associated with the textile export business for 20 years. The business churned out to be Rs2 billion which also helped the Pakistan economy.”

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