Saturday , February 22 2020

Alia al Neyadi is first-ever Belly Dancer of United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Belly dancer

First-ever Belly dancer of UAE Alia al Neyadi acknowledged that Belly dance changed her life. 

“Belly dance has made a big impact on different aspects of my life,” she said.

“I hear a bitter talk from people on the enthusiast of Belly dance,” she added.

“People kept saying slow and hard to me but I focused on my work, It may be possible to give up my passion but no mind till now.” she further said.

“I have started to understand myself better due to Belly dance,” Alia al Neyadi said.

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“I always say that I have a connection with belly dance for a number of reasons,” said Al-Nadi.

Belly Dancer 

“It has a message of its own, Costumes of belly dance and music draw me towards itself,” UAE’s belly dancer added.

“I expressed my awareness through belly dance and my family and friends helped me to continue my career,” Alia said.

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