Tuesday , March 31 2020

Analysts say completion of CPEC will bring economic, trade and social changes in the region



CPEC is great initiative which is not only beneficial for China and Pakistan but also for the entire region. CPEC is a game changer project and it will turn Pakistan’s economy into the right direction. The development of Pakistan is linked with the development of Baluchistan.

CPEC will bring new era of development and progress in Baluchistan. Gawadar is emerging as an important business hub for international investors. It is very fortunate that Pakistan is becoming an important country for the rest of the world due to its geographical location. The economy will boost due to international investments. It is high time for Pakistan to take maximum benefit of this great opportunity. CPEC is a blessing for Pakistan.

CPEC is a mega project including energy, agriculture, infrastructure and economy related projects. Establishment of economic zones will bring new usher of development in the region. The industrial zones would bring economic prosperity to the country and generate job opportunities for its youth who had long been ignored by the previous governments. CPEC is in the special focus of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Economic stability and eradication of corruption is the priority of PTI led government. Economic stability will strengthen the country and the government would be able to deal with other matters. Regional connectivity through CPEC will give an opportunity to enhance economic ties with rest of the region.

The energy related projects under CPEC are about to complete. Prime Minister Imran Khan has directed the authorities to complete infrastructure related projects in due time. CPEC would promote trade ties with neighboring countries Central Asian States and South Asian countries, which would ultimately prepare the ground to make Pakistan a trade hub in this whole region.

The mega project will bring Business and job opportunities for the locals. The incumbent government is committed to facilitate the international investors. Pakistan has great business potential and the billion dollars project would motivate international investors to take benefit of this potential.

The incumbent government is taking concrete steps to strengthen the economy. CPEC is a significant initiative to improve the economic condition of the country. It is imperative to empower our youth with technical education to get maximum benefit of mega project CPEC.

Skilled and trained labor is required to operate machines and resolve technical issues. The PTI led government is determined to utilize Pakistani youth, who bubbling with enormous talent, vitality and energy, in the best manner. The Chinese trainers have taken this responsibility to train the Pakistani youth to fit best in the project.


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