Wednesday , May 27 2020

Another Vulnerability in Karachi: Dog bite Cases

Dog bite Cases

Karachi- the city of Lights- has seen several governance problems. After keeping the clean Karachi Movement, the world has seen the actual face of Karachi. Piles of garbage showed the failure of concerned authorities.

Apart from the above-mentioned issues, dog bite cases are the other blot on the faces of authorities. Surprisingly, almost 25 cases of dog bite have been reported in a single day. Out of 25 cases, 12 cases were reported from Liqatabad.

The unavailability of vaccines makes the situation more vulnerable. In Karachi, to make sure the availability of different vaccines is a complete failure of the provincial government. Previously, a case of the dog bite was reported in which kid died owing to the absence of anti-rabies in the Sindh hospital.

Now 25 cases are waiting for the vaccine and proper treatment in the hospital. However, concerned authorities have not taken any step to curb the situation yet. Let’s wait and watch.

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