Monday , June 1 2020

Anti-encroachment operation: fourth day in Karachi

KARACHI: Anti-encroachment continues on fourth day by city authorities in Saddar area of Karachi.

The operation was started to clear the land owned by government authorities. The operation was conducted today around Tibet Centre, Akbar Road and Zaibunnisa Street of Saddar and outskirt areas.

The operation started on November 5 in the area of saddar when supreme court  order the Sindh Government to remove encroachments. Heavy police and rangers were deployed along to stop people and maintain security.

Cranes were used by the govt to topple over the small shops illegally built on the roadside.

After the operation begin a huge traffic jam was observed in I.I.Chundrigar, PIDC, Saddar and other adjoined areas. People returning to homes were badly stuck in traffic.

Karachi Police Chief  Dr. Amir Sheikh made sure that he will fully cooperate with municipal authorities.

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