Thursday , February 20 2020

Asia Bibi photo shows how happy she is after settling in Canda

Asia Bibi

After the release from prison, the first picture of Asia Bibi has surfaced on social media in which Asia Bibi appearing in a happy mood with French writer Anne-Isabelle.

An image-sharing online page wrote in its headline that after the release, ‘Asia’s first image will warm your heart.’

The report adds that it will certainly take a long time to ease the trauma that Asia Bibi has undergone, but now she is happy to be seen free.

Threatened with death with her family, she left Pakistan with her family six months ago and settled in Canada.

It is reported that French writer Anne-Isabelle is writing a book on Asia Bibi story.

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Sentenced to death in Pakistan for blasphemy in November 2010, Asia Bibi spent nine years in prison before being acquitted.

Asia Bibi

As the photo surfaced on the internet, people made interesting comments on Twitter.

Bilal Farooq, a twitter user, said, “How nice it is to see Asia, who has spent a long time in jail on a false charge, we should remember Salman Taseer and everyone who fought the Asia case.”

Another user wrote, “Now it is clear that Salman Taseer was fighting the case of an innocent woman, he was martyred while performing his duty.”

Journalist Raza Ahmad Rumi wrote: “Yes, the trauma will take ages to heal, and much needs to change wrt prosecutions under blasphemy law but there is light.”

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