Wednesday , April 1 2020

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is a liar and hiding the facts from the world: Pompeo

Ali Khamenei

US sanctions on Iran do not cover food, medical equipment, medicines and other humanitarian aid: Mike Pompeo

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has claimed that Iran’s religious leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is hiding information from a number of topics, including the death toll and the number of patients infected by the Coronavirus.

Mike Pompeo has released a statement titled “The lies of Khamenei are endangering human lives.”

In the statement, he used the word Wuhan virus for COVID-19 and said that “I would like to reveal some of the facts that are kept secret from the world.”

He claims that Iran’s private aviation company Mahan Airlines has made at least 55 flights to China and Iran and spread the virus in at least 5 countries.

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Pompeo has blamed Iran for endangering millions of people.

He says the “Iranian administration has not heeded the warnings of its health officials and has been in denial for 9 days from the first death caused by the Coronavirus in the country. The Iranian administration is continuing to lie to its people and to the world about the number of deaths and patients affected by the virus. Sadly, the actual figures are much higher than the figures announced by the administration.”

Pompeo says the Iranian administration has stolen more than a billion euros in the medical budget. In addition, it is currently storing emergency medical supplies such as masks, gloves and other items for sale in the black market.

Mike Pompeo has said that US sanctions on Iran do not cover food, medical equipment, medicines and other humanitarian aid. Iran’s medical sector factories have been in the process of exporting test kits since January, without being subject to sanctions.

“We have offered $ 100 million in medical aid to foreigners, including Iran, Khamenei rejected this offer. Because he is constantly involved in crafty theories”, Pompeo said.

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