Wednesday , January 29 2020

Bangladesh closes breast milk bank after Islamist protests

 breast milk

Bangladesh closes breast milk bank after Islamist protests, The plan has been postponed following intense protests by religious leaders in Bangladesh, aiming to provide breastmilk to orphaned children.

Scholars have declared the scheme un-Islamic.

The plan was to provide breastmilk to newborn babies in Bangladeshi hospitals. The scheme was to provide milk to 500 orphans and children of working women, but the project has now been postponed.

Bangladesh is one of the countries in the world where children are suffering from nutritional deficiencies and they also face problems with growth.

According to religious leaders in Bangladesh, the scheme is likely to cause Sharia problems.

According to the scholars, problems will arise when two different babies are breastfed by a single mother and then they want to get married.

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In Bangladesh, breast milk bank was to be launched in Dhaka, the Bangladesh capital, but the project’s coordinator, Mujeeb-ur-Rehman, told news agency AFP that after the “severe criticism” he planned to postpone the project.

 breast milk

He added that if the project was launched in the future, breastfeeding would be provided only under strict security arrangements in hospitals.

“We will keep the process of collecting and securing milk separately. In addition, the record of the donor’s mother will be kept strictly”, he added.

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