Tuesday , June 2 2020

Before reaching Islamabad, The government should resign: Moulana Fazal


Moulana Fazal demands the resignation of Prime Minister before reaching Islamabad.

While addressing to the people in Gujranwala, Moulana thanks to the brave people of Gujranwala who gave such a warm welcome to Azad March. By adding more to the speech Fazal said that the election of 25 July was fraudulent and the mandate of this government was fake.

All political parties are on the same page and we will force to PM to resign.

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These incompetent leaders like Imran Khan have drowned the economy of Pakistan. The poor of Pakistan is ready to die because of unprecedented inflation. These policies are not the policies for Pakistanis, however, these are the policies to support Jewish Organizations like the International Monetary Fund.

The PM Imran Khan will have to resign, otherwise, consequences will be more than dreadful.

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