Monday , April 6 2020

Bill for removing Pakistan as major ally brought in US Congress

Washington: A bill introduced in the US congress that urged Pakistan to be de-listed America’s major non-Nato allies, while Trump Administration is continue in pursuit to improve relations with Islamabad to end the Afghan war.

Congressman Andy Biggs who brought this resolution. Trump administration, is a Republican and new conditions have been put up for future re-designation.

If a US president wishes to put Pakistan back to the list, he or she will have to make sure to Congress that Pakistan continues to have military operations that are contributing to significantly disrupting the “safe haven and freedom of movement” of the Haqqani Network in country.

The president will also have to show that Pakistan made progress in arresting of breaking the Haqqani Network’s leaders and operations.

Pakistan will also have to certify from the Congress that Pakistan is not allowing Haqqani Network  to let Pakistan use its land as safe Heaven and is committed to weaken their network that Pakistan keenly helps Afghanistan to restrict the movement of militants along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

Known as Resolution H.R. 73, the bill has been sent to the House Foreign Affairs Committee for actions.

Mr Biggs, a second-term legislator, has no cosponsor and will need Trump’s support from his Democratic Party to pass a House dominated by the Democrats.

In recent statements, President Donald Trump has made it clear that he wants to improve the relationship between Pakistan and US and requires the help of Pakistan to withdraw half of the 14,000 US troops still stationed in Afghanistan.

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