Wednesday , January 29 2020

Breaking: Prime Minister resigns with all his cabinet

Prime Minister resigns

The Russian government announced its resignation following Russian President Vladimir Putin’s proposal for reform of the constitution.

The announcement was made by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev when the president asked the nation to vote on a nationwide constitutional reform package in his annual address.

This resignation raises questions about Russia’s political system and Putin’s future. Vladimir Putin is completing his fourth term in 2024.

Hours after the Russian leader’s address, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and Putin came together on state TV and announced that the government was resigning.

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The constitutional proposals will lead to significant changes in the balance of power in the country, and ‘therefore the government is resigning at the present time,’ Medvedev said.

“We must give our president a chance so that he can take all possible steps for change. All other decisions will be made by the President himself”, Medvedev added.

According to news agency AFP, Vladimir thanked Medvedev, who himself has been president of the country for four years from 2008.

Under the proposed reforms announced by President Putin on Wednesday, the parliament will be stronger, the election of the prime minister and senior cabinet members will also be made by parliament instead of president.

It should be noted that under the current system, the president and the cabinet members are elected by the president.

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In his address, President Putin said, “Today our society is demanding change. People want development, they are trying to advance their careers, so they can succeed.”

He said there would be a vote on the reform package, but he did not say when the voting would take place.

“We can build a strong and successful Russia only if we respect public opinion,” he added.

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