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Bushra Manika’s first ever Interview with Nadeem Malik.

Thursday: Anchor Nadeem Malik hosted interview of First Lady of Pakistan, Bushra Manika Bibi on a private news channel.

The first ever interview of Bushra bibi where she extensively talked about Imran Khan. The gratitude and respect she holds for him were clearly reflected from what she said about him. Talking about Prime Minister Of Pakistan, Imran Khan she stated, “he is a leader the world looks up to and follows him”. Moreover, she negated all the false and disdainful statements that were propagated on conventional and social media to defame him. She said that Imran Khan is not a traditional politician. He rose up as a leader and elevated his position through his unparalleled hard work.

bushra bibi interview


Talking about her social work she stated that Imran Khan made me realise certain things.  He would say that if you want a soulful connection between yourself and Creator the best way is to build a generous relation with His creation. She also appealed Pakistanis to behave patiently as Imran Khan does not have ‘a magic wand that he would wave and everything would just get right’. The harm inflicted upon Pakistan in past few years is enormous therefore,  will take time to heal. In one of her question, she responded that Tayyip Erdogan, President of Turkey and Imran Khan are exemplary leaders for Muslims of this century and I highly respect them.

It should be noted that this was her first public appearance in any of the News Channel.

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