Tuesday , March 31 2020

Can the Ram Temple be built on a Muslim cemetery?

Babri Masjid

A few days ago, the central government of India announced a trust for the construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya and the residents of Ayodhya in their letter to the Supreme Court of India in which they have requested not to build a temple in the Muslim cemetery near the Babri Masjid.

Ayodhya Muslims said that since there was a graveyard on five acres of land near the mosque, this should be taken into account in the construction of the new temple and according to the Hindu school of thought, ‘Sanatan Dharma’, the temple can not be built on the cemetery.

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This letter is written to the Supreme Court by lawyer MR Shamshad for the Muslims of Ayodhya. Talking to the NewsBox, he said that there is a cemetery called ‘Ganj Shaheedan’ adjacent to the demolished Babri mosque in which 75 Muslims were killed in the riots of 1885 and this is also mentioned in the official records of Faizabad.

He said that since the place was controversial since 1949, there has been no burial and its condition has changed completely.

On 6 December 1992, 27 years ago, the Hindu invaders demolished the Babri Masjid, built by Mir Baqi, a general of Mughal king Babar.

The Muslims made a lengthy judicial effort to reclaim the mosque, but the Indian Supreme Court ruled in November last year in favour of Hindus and allow them to built a Ram Temple on Babri Masjid place.

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