Wednesday , April 1 2020

Cheating husband catches coronavirus on a trip to Italy with his Girlfriend

Cheating husband

Many countries around the world are now exposed to the Coronavirus which spread from China. After China, the virus has caused the most devastation in Italy.

Now a case has been reported that a man from the United Kingdom lied to his wife and made a business trip to Italy with his girlfriend. Upon returning to London, he catches the Coronavirus.

As soon as the test result comes out positive, he has been put into isolation.

According to a report in The Sun, a man living in London was cheating on his wife and falling in love with another woman and made a trip to Italy with his mistress.

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When he went to Italy to spend some time with a mistress as an excuse for a business trip, he fell victim to the Coronavirus.

In front of the Public Health Coordinator in England, he confessed that he had gone to Italy with his girlfriend, where he got Coronavirus.

The man’s wife put herself in isolation after she realised that his husband tested positive for COVID-19.

He admitted to doctors that his affair is with a woman, but he refused to identify her, according to the report.

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