Saturday , January 25 2020

Chernobyl tourists more interested in selfies at disaster zone


The forsaken site had already become a “dark tourism destination” around the world in recent years. Tourists from all over the world went out for the featured locations of HBO dramas. The hit TV series of HBO Chernobyl has attracted the young generation of tourists due to the nuclear disaster.

The young generation does not want to know the reality of this disaster. They just want to take a selfie for their social media status. Learning about the incident is quite interesting then taking a selfie.

The forceful mini-series recreates the disaster of April 1986, when the reactors of Soviet Union exploded during the testing. This blast caused the radiations in area of almost 30 kilometers.

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Loius Carlos, a 27-year-old guy who watched the TV serial said, he didn’t know much about this place but now I want to visit this place. I want to travel to Ukraine to explore more things about that.

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