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China president order to put Muslims into cages: leaked documents revealed

Chinese President

Some of China’s secret documents are reportedly leaked, with government orders clearing strong measures against Muslims in Xinjiang Province.

Secret documents reveal that Chinese President Xi Jinping instructed authorities not to take strict action against separatists and extremists.

According to International media reports, Human rights organizations and other experts said that several detention camps have been set up in China, with more than 1 million Uighurs detained, most of them are Muslim.

International media reported that 403 confidential documents have been found that show the governmental brutal measures against Muslims.

An unidentified member of China’s political establishment has leaked secret documents about government actions.

The report said that a member leaking secret documents had hoped that his actions would prevent the Chinese president and other leadership to prison more people.

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According to the media reports, in 2016, the new head of the Communist Party was appointed in Xinjiang, China.

Following the deployment of the new chief, Chen Koeng Yu, the detention centres have been set up very fast in the area.

Officials from the Chinese Foreign Ministry or Xinjiang have not been able to comment on the documents.

China has initially denied any such centres existence. However, China later acknowledged that these are art centres where people are trained.

On the other hand, the international media and human rights organizations have revealed that a large number of people are being held in these centres.

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