Tuesday , April 7 2020

Chinese men protest customs duty on cellphones at Islamabad airport

Two Chinese passengers found an interesting way to protest against cell phone duties by lying on the floor on Friday at the Islamabad International Airport.

Things were found interesting at Islamabad International Airport when two Chinese men – Lian Zhehfu and Lei Zhentao landed in Islamabad from Urumqi via China Southern Airlines flight CZ6007.

After they came out of the aircraft they were made to stop at customs counter. since they were carrying six cellphones and hence they had to pay $285 in duties and taxes all the handsets except two.

The ‘mobile tax policy’ announced by the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf government earlier said that foreign visitors and travellers entering into Pakistan can bring in one handset duty-free. If they want to bring another set they will have to pay the taxes that are applicable on the devices.

after the two Chinese men payed the taxes they laid down on the floor  and blocked the exit area and protested uniquely.

They said they have to travel to Pakisatn more than once a year so they would have to pa the duty every time? that not fair they claimed.

The protest was ended soon after Airport Security Force personnel informed Chinese men that their concerns would be informed to ministry.

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