Monday , May 25 2020

CIA Arrested 4 men in Bike & Car Stealing case

CIA Pakistan

On Monday, The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) detained four members of an inter-provincial gang in Islamabad for their connection in car and motorcycle stealing.

The men, identified as Munir Khan, Saitul Islam, Azeem Abbas, and Atif Adeel, have been suspects of stealing in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

The police recovered 5-cars and 7-motorcycles from their possession.

The supposed thieves carried jammers with them to inactivate the tracking devices on the vehicles, said Central Intelligence Agency DSP Hakim Khan.

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The department has detained 105 people this year for vehicle stealing and recovered 120 cars and motorcycles, DSP Hakim added.

The law enforcers have recommended people to keep their lock system updated, and park their vehicle inside their houses.

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