Thursday , June 4 2020

CNG station to close indefinitely from 2 PM onward in Sindh

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) filling stations in Karachi and in the Sindh Province will remain closed for undefined period due to technical failure.

A technical fault has sprang up in Kunnar LPG plant and Oil filed, Tando Jam, Therefore, LPG stations will stay closed for indefinite period.

Sui Southern Gas has ordered immediately to stop the distribution of the gas across all CNG stations in Sindh from 2 pm. CNG station will stay close until further notices are given by the authorities.

Sui Southern gas informed that in the Kunnar LPG Plant oil Filed there are certain issues that need to be addressed before the distribution is restored across the CNG stations in Sindh.

A total of 300 CNG stations in Karachi and 350 CNG stations are closed down in the whole Sindh.

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