Wednesday , April 1 2020

Corona Baby: A Newborn baby girl in India named ‘Corona’

Corona Baby

While China’s deadliest Coronavirus has caused catastrophic attacks around the world, some strange events are also being witnessed in some places where people are burning ‘corona statue’ and playing songs to end this pandemic.

According to an Indian media report, a girl was born during the ‘Janta Curfew’ in Uttar Pradesh (India) and parents have named the newborn baby girl “Corona”.

In India, the girl was born on Sunday, March 22 when the ‘Janta Curfew’ was imposed, in which the government ordered the people to stay in their homes.

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Explaining the girl’s name, her uncle said that the virus is very dangerous, it has killed many people in the world but it has unified the world on one issue.

He added that ‘this baby is a symbol of the solidarity with people fighting the virus worldwide’.

So far the number of coronavirus cases in India has exceeded 500, with 10 deaths.

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