Thursday , June 4 2020

Court extends Shehbaz Sharif’s physical remand till December 6

Lahore High court gave extension on Wednesday in PML-N Shehbaz Sharif’s physical remand till December 6.

NAB prosecutor informed the Judge that PML-N politician and opposition leader had been in their protection for 55 days.

He said that some more statements are also recorded in this case. NAB told court that Shehbaz was given many questions during investigation and he sent replies yesterday (Tuesday). Shehbaz has told NAB that the detailed assets list will be provided later.

Shehbaz gifted his family members Rs 600 million but in the documents he only showed Rs 250 million as his wealth in the documents.

Shehbaz’s lawyer did not agree to this point and stated, he made a single transaction of Rs 200 million he took out that in the dorm of cash and later re-deposited. How is this even a corruption

Shehbaz also argued that he had property before he actually came in politics and during the exile in London  where he declared his assets. The Shehbaz’s judge requested court to deny NAB’s request

The lawyer further argued that that there is no need of any additional remand since the provisional reference has been filed.
NAB officers probed that RS 80 million in gifts were not written in the Opposition leader’s tax returns.

While NAB was investigating in depth, Shehbaz’s lawyer said that how this assets are related to Aashiana Housing Scandal in which Shehbaz was arrested.

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