Tuesday , March 31 2020

Current, former PA speakers found guilty of misuse of authority

Peshawar: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Services Tribunal accused current and former speakers of the provincial assembly, Asad Qaiser and Mushtaq Ahmad Ghani respectively for promoting nepotism during appointments in assembly.

The detailed judgement by the Khyber Pakhtunkhawa ruled an appeal against certain appointments, “By now it has been established beyond any shadow of doubt that the former and the present Speaker etc. have one point agenda to promote cronyism, nepotism and favouritism at the cost of merit, transparency, fairness, equality and justice.”

“It amounts to misuse of official authority and is open to cognisance/judicial scrutiny by the quarters concerned,”it further added.

The appeal of Additional secretary Kifayatullah Khan Afridi on Dec 10 was accepted ny the tribunal consisting of many members named Mohammad Hamid Mughal, Mohammad Amin Khan Kundi and Ahmad Hassan. They declared the decision illegal on the Aug 11, 2017, decision of the Departmental Promotion Committee and the Aug 15, 2017, notification by then and present National Assembly speaker Asad Qaiser.

It observed: “Before parting with the judgment, apprehensions are lurking in our mind that adverse findings of this Tribunal may pique the ego of respondents and in line with their tradition possibility of again violating the court/ Tribunal orders cannot be ruled out.”

The tribunal added that other illegal appointments include appointment of Special secretary and Director (automation and IT) Provincial Assembly.

He said he served for more than 24 years of service experience and that, too, to the satisfaction of his superiors all through his service.

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