Tuesday , May 26 2020

Doctors found family of cockroaches living in man’s ear


A Chinese man who woke up with sharp pain inside of his ear was shocked to find out that cockroaches had made a home inside his ear.

The 24-year-old LV Jokai resident of China’s Hui Xu city woke up at midnight due to severe pain in the ear and asked his family to look inside the ear with the help of a flashlight.

When his family turned on the flashlight, they noticed a large number of cockroaches inside his ear, the family immediately rushed to the hospital where the doctor extracts 10 children cockroaches from Mr LV ear.

LV said he had a lot of trouble in his ear and he felt like there was something crawling in his ear all the time.

Dr Zhong Yi said it was not clear from how long these cockroaches were living in his ear.

Talking to Chinese media, the doctor said, “We often eat something in bed and put its wrapper there, which leads to cockroaches.”

It may be recalled that a cockroach was also recovered from a Florida woman’s ear that had been in her ear for nine days.

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