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E-cigarettes are better for heart than cigarette: Study

A scientific study has revealed that smokers can improve their heart health in just a few weeks if they switch to electric cigarettes or e-cigarettes.

A month-long study by the British Heart Foundation in which 114 smokers participated, the findings suggest that vaping can potentially reduce the risk of heart attacks and stroke,

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According to research, vaping is ‘not completely safe’ but it is less dangerous than tobacco.

British Heart Foundation says quitting smoking may be the best course of action for your health.

Cigarette smoke tightens the arteries as the chemicals in it cling to body fat. This can cause a dangerous obstruction in blood flow.

That is why smoking increases the risk of a heart attack.

According to the results of this research published in the Journal of Cardiology:

Healthy and non-smokers score 7.7%

Cigarette drinkers score 5.5%

E-cigarette drinkers score 6.7%

Study shows when smokers came to vaping, their score reached close to healthier people.

This research has been done for a very short period of time, and it cannot be proven whether such improvements in health can be sustained for long periods or can save lives by vaping.

According to the British Heart Foundation, an average of 50 people die from heart disease every day in the country due to cigarettes.

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