Saturday , April 4 2020

Earthquake shocks felt in Quetta and its outskirts

Quetta: An earthquake shocks struck the provincial capital and other adjoining northern and eastern Baluchistan areas on Thursday night, no life loss reported yet.

Newsbox media correspondent informed that earthquake tremors were experienced in Quetta around 1;30 am on Thursday night. People left their homes and workplaces in utter confusion and were gathered in open grounds.

Met department told that epicenter of the 3.0 magnitude earthquake was found some 10 Km south-east of the Kharan district, the depth of the earthquake is told to be 25 Km.

Reports tell that shocks were experienced in Harnai, Shahrag, Mastung, Mach, Kolpur, Pishin and several other areas of northern and eastern Baluchistan.

However, no life loss is yet reported. And also no property damage is reported so far, however, it is seen that cracks appeared on mud houses in the adjoining areas of Quetta.

Local govt officials told that rescuers were sent to affected areas.

A 6.1-magnitude earthquake had struck Hindukush region of Afghanistan,activating shocks in most parts of Pakistan in January last year.).

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