Wednesday , April 1 2020

End of Days: Our Messiah is coming to rescue Jews: Israeli Health Minister

Israeli Health Minister

Israeli Health Minister Yaakov Litzman points out that the Coronavirus crisis is indicating that the world is on its way to an end and the days are near when the “Messiah” will descend on the earth and end the plight of the Jewish community.

Giving an interview to an Israeli News Channel, Yaakov Litzman said, “We are praying and hoping that the Messiah will come on the occasion of the Passover. I am sure that Messiah will come and as God brought us out of Egypt, he will bring us out from this crisis.”

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The motto of Litzman was, “Soon we shall go out with freedom, and Christ will save us from all the troubles of the world.” Litzman, who heads the Ultra-Orthodox United Torah Jewish Party, is considered an important member of the Benjamin Netanyahu government in Israel, Haaretz reported.

The Israeli Minister of Health’s statements come at a time when the number of people affected by a coronavirus in Israel has exceeded six hundred. The death of at least one patient has been confirmed by the Israeli government.

Meanwhile, lockdowns have been announced across Israel until April 8.

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